Do and Donts

 DOS and DON’Ts

of Gallery Attendance.


To visit an Art Gallery is to be a part of a wonderful world of colors, images, and feelings different from the everyday life. A visit to an Art Gallery is a fest for the senses. When we find ourselves in the midst of so much beauty and creative thinking it is hard not to get involved. So make a point to go to as many Art Shows as possible, find out what you like, recognize the local artists and their styles. Have fun!

Here are some points on how to behave, when you are at a gallery:


DO feel comfortable at an Art Show. Art Shows are for everybody, be calm, enjoy yourself, learn something different. Be inspired; find out what kind of art appeals to you.


DON’T say “my child can do that”. You may think that, but please keep it to yourself. When you find yourself in an Art Gallery, there will have some items that you may not like as much, that is OK, just be polite about it. Not everyone have the same taste.


DO ask questions about an Art Work. Many times the artist will be present and he or she will most likely be very pleased to explain to you what media was used and how the work was developed. Not everyone knows about art, so go ahead and ask.


DON’Tget wasted off the wine or any alcoholic beverage been served. And DON’T go to a gallery show hungry. The food been served are meant to create a festive and joyful atmosphere. So, why not make it a complete night out by having dinner before, or after the Show?


DO wear the proper attire, although the dress code for gallery attendance is very informal ranging from suits to jeans, one should always keep a good appearance when going out in public.



DON’T touch the Art Work, DO NOT lean or seat on tables and chairs, unless they are for your use. All pieces at a gallery are part of the Art Work collection; please do not ever touch it unless specifically marked otherwise


 DOfall in love with a piece of art work; it is a life time love affair. Every time you look at it, it will bring back the feelings you had when you first purchased it. Art Work is food for the soul, makes your heart happy, and brings you inspiration. Make plans to collect some. DON’T assume you could never afford a piece of Art Work. Talk to the gallery representatives, make an offer, and inquire about payment plans. Galleries most probably will help you find the best way for you to afford a piece that you fall in love with.



DON’Tfeel afraid of liking one artist or many. You can be as eclectic as you may wish. Make a point of purchasing things that will make you happy, and never think that Art Work has to match anything. The only thing it needs to match is your taste.



DO become a lover of Art Work. Appreciation of Art Work is an elegant quality.